The BP Settlement – Good News for Getting Paid

On March 2, 2012 BP agreed to place $7.8 Billion dollars under court supervision of Federal Judge Carl Barbier in order to compensate claimants. The most important aspect of this settlement is the fact that there is NO cap on the amount that BP will have to pay. If the $7.8 Billion is inadequate to pay amounts owed to businesses and individuals who have incurred losses as a result of the oil spill, BP will have to put more money

Settlements will be Faster & Fairer

The GCCF was not an efficient way to pay claimants. Not only was the process extremely slow, but many viable claims were being unfairly denied. In addition, when the settlement offers were made they were generally ridiculously low. We believe that the new Deepwater Horizon settlement managed by attorneys and under court supervision will result in faster payments. We also believe that businesses and individuals will begin to receive fair offers that truly reflect the amount of damages and losses that have occurred.

Obtaining part of the BP Settlement / Filing Your Case

There are tens of thousands of claims that will be paid. It is very important that you get your case filed with the Court in New Orleans as soon as possible to avoid being in the back of the line. Fill out the form to the left and start the online process now. Our lawyers will work hard to file your case quickly and ensure that you not only get paid, but that we maximize your recovery.


Our firm has recovered compensation for our clients. We are here to help you and make sure that you get a settlement that reflects the damages that you have suffered as a result of the BP spill. Please complete the form or contact us directly at 1 800 310-2970.

Smoothing Out the Process: What We Will Do For You

This situation with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and BP settlement will not correct itself. At times like this, you need someone with experience handling this type of situation to help you file your Deepwater Horizon settlement. Our attorneys can assist with your BP Oil Spill Claims and will:

  • Prepare your BP oil spill claims packet so it is acceptable to BP and won't be rejected
  • Submit your documents
  • Provide additional support
  • Negotiate with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility so you don't have to
  • Resubmit BP oil claims if the BP offer is unfair and too low
  • File a lawsuit if no agreement can be reached with BP
  • Ensure Fair Payment Offers

We Will Help You if You Lost Income or Suffered Injury

We make the claims process easier for people in many types BP oil spill claims situations, one of which may be similar to yours. If you were affected by the disaster and are in need of legal representation to help file your oil spill claims, we are here to help you. Below are the types of claimants we can assist in filing Gulf Coast Claims:




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