Florida BP Oil Spill Claims

Florida's $60 billion tourism industry is suffering tremendously from the BP oil spill with costs estimated in excess of $3 billion. While BP has put $30 million into marketing for Florida, people are still afraid to vacation there. People fear there is damage to Florida's beaches from the Panhandle down to the Tampa Bay area, the Keys and South Florida. Marketing hasn't done much to change the fact that Florida's businesses are suffering, and tourism has severely declined.

Summer Revenues in Florida Not What They Used to Be

Florida's Panhandle receives 90 percent of its revenue during the summer months, but with the effects of the BP oil spill, the Panhandle's revenue is down significantly. Businesses relying on tourism and fishing, such as restaurants, amusement parks, entertainment complexes, hotels, and retail shops are losing huge amounts of income, with many forced to close down. In 2010, hotels had 50 percent of their reservations cancelled.

How We Can Help Florida Business Owners & Individuals

Our attorneys can help individuals and business owners in Florida who have lost income because of the BP oil spill. We can help you recover past and future losses and will take away the stress of dealing with the BP Gulf Coast Claims Facility on your own.

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